Supporting Life’s Transitions with Bach Flower Remedies

Dr. Miranda Wiley, ND

“A change is as good as a rest”, or so the saying goes, and yet there are times in our life when change is nerve-wracking, exciting to the point of stomach butterflies, or downright scary. You may be facing a new career, a change of relationship, a metamorphosis within your own body or health status, the loss of a loved one, emigration, or any other shift that pushes the boundaries of your comfort zone. The goal is to grow from the change, learn from it, and to emerge from the experience gracefully. Bach flower remedies are a gentle way to support those goals.

Dr. Edward Bach was a practicing physician in England in the 1920s who grew frustrated by the mechanical and often toxic approach to addressing illness. He wanted to address the mental-emotional patterns and personality traits that he saw influencing the health of his patients. Hippocrates said that “It is more important to know the type of person that has a disease than to know the type of disease a person has.” and this philosophy rang true with Dr. Bach.

He left his practice to develop plant-based remedies that would safely address imbalances in the psyche, and narrowed them down to 38 that represented the most common negative states of mind that he witnessed in his patients. From this core set of remedies it is possible to customize a formula that matches where a person is at in life, and where they may feel the most stuck, and to help them through that obstacle to feel free and peaceful.

Walnut is used for protection against outside influences during times of transition. I have used it when moving, starting/ending school, starting/ending relationships, having a baby, and even put it in my cat’s water bowl when we adopted a kitten to help them both adjust to each other and the change in environment.

From there essences can be chosen based on how you are experiencing the transition. If the change is causing anxiety, obsessive thinking, or distraction then that can be addressed through the addition of complementary Bach essences. Likewise if there is resentment, anger, or depression that is stemming from the change, or exhaustion following it.

No matter where you are at on your path through life, a customized Bach flower formula created with the support of your ND can help you to embrace the change or weather the storm with more grace and acceptance.

We thought you might enjoy our Bach Flower Remedy Questionnaire (attached below).  Please feel free to complete this before your next visit to the clinic.  Your naturopath will be happy to review the results and prepare a custom blend of flower essences just for you! 

Bach Flower Questionnaire