Spring Is Here

Dr. Kristin Schnurr, ND

What an absolutely beautiful weekend!  It was wonderful to spend time in the garden prepping the beds for planting, doing some much needed weeding (with some help from my little one) and picking bowlfuls of fresh leafy greens for dinner.

So much is in bloom, nettles, fawn lilies, shooting stars…Spring has definitely arrived.


In Acupuncture theory, Spring marks the beginning of the yang cycle.   After resting through the Fall and Winter, you should notice that you are feeling more energetic and social.  Spring is a good time to take action on plans that have been developing through the winter months, with clear vision and a sense of purpose.  Many people feel the urge to de-clutter and do a ‘spring’ clean.   And, with increased daylight hours and warmth, we spend more time outside interacting with friends and family.  This often supports a shift in perspective.  Spring is the time for growth and change, a great time to let go of old patterns that no longer serve us.


The element associated with Spring is Wood.  In traditional Chinese medicine, the Wood element represents the liver and gallbladder.   The liver from this perspective provides us with our vision of the future, helping us to find the direction we must take to live our lives harmoniously.  The gall bladder gives us the ability to make decisions and judge wisely.   When the Wood element is unbalanced, decision-making and establishing a clear sense of direction can be difficult.  It is not uncommon in this state, to feel frustrated, stuck or even angry.   Alternatively, when these organ systems are in balance we are able to see new possibilities and to consider wisdom of the past, in making decisions.


Support yourself through this transition by adjusting your diet:

  • Consider starting your morning with fresh lemon juice in water,
  • Incorporate lots of leafy greens, beets, carrots into your meals
  • Enjoy high quality protein rich foods – eggs, fish, raw nuts/seeds and whole grains.
  • Harvest some young spring nettles, full of minerals and excellent lightly steamed and added to soups/stir fries.


Certain herbs also support this organ system, and acupuncture can be effective in helping us to transition smoothly with the season.


The Wood energy of Spring is an expression of life at its strongest, a time to expend the energy you have conserved through the winter months.  Enjoy!