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We give excellent care for acute infections.  We are medically trained but naturally minded which means we can diagnose your condition, treat it with natural remedies while also discerning when it may be time to turn to conventional methods or not.

Treating Acute Illness with Natural Medicine

If you have not experienced the power of natural medicine to treat acute infections of the lung, throat, ears, sinuses, urinary and skin systems, consider walking into Sage Clinic the next time you get sick. Natural medicine provides wonderful options as the first line of treatment for acute illness. There is a place for antibiotics and many of our naturopathic doctors can prescribe those as needed however given the negative impact on your gut flora and increased likelihood of a recurrence of infections post-antibiotics, limiting their use is essential.  Natural medicine employs powerful and effective remedies for healing most acute (recent) infections.

We are your Natural Medicine Walk-In Clinic and we want to help you get better quickly and naturally!

In the appointment the doctor will review the history of your present illness, perform a relevant exam (eg ear, sinus, lungs, throat) and prescribe natural medicine options to treat the recent infection. It is a great opportunity to forego walk-in clinic waits, receive natural medicine treatment recommendations and in most cases help shorten the duration and severity of your infections.

Note – This visit is not meant to address chronic health concerns of a more long-term nature which can be addressed at follow-up visits as needed.

If you have been experiencing one of the following infections for less than 7 days:

– ear infection

– urinary tract infection

– respiratory infection

– throat infection 

– sinus infection

– skin infection

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