Urinary tract infections (UTIs)

Naturopathic doctors regularly diagnose and treat acute urinary tract infections.

How can an ND diagnose an infection?

Urinalysis: in clinic we collect a urine sample and perform a chemical analysis of the urine to see within minutes if there are white blood cells, red blood cells, bacteria or nitrites and other chemicals in the urine which indicate a UTI.
History: we will review your symptoms, past history of infections (eg. How frequent? Have you ever had kidney infections? Which antibiotics did you use and which ones were effective or not effective?)
Urine Culture: Based the above we may go ahead and treat (see below) or we may order some lab work and a urine culture to see what bacteria are causing your infection and which antimicrobials or antibiotics would be most effective.
How can an ND help you when you have an active UTI?

Acute Treatment: We have a range of medicines that effectively treat UTIs:

Depending on the results from above and your history, we will recommend specific dosages of:

anti-microbial supplements,
UNDA drainage remedies or
prescription antibiotics.
How can an ND help you if you want to prevent future infections or if have historically been prone to recurrent UTIs?

Beyond the acute (immediate) treatment to eliminate the infection and reduce symptoms, our goal is to strengthen the immune system and improve the health of the urinary tract.

Preventative Treatment:

We do this by:

Helping you identify predisposing factors
Removing obstacles (eg. dietary irritants, imbalanced gut flora).
Through the use of herbs, nutritional supplements, and homeopathy or UNDA drainage we will work to:

support the bladder and kidneys, key “drainage” organs
strengthen the immune system to prevent future infections.