Stress & fatigue

Naturopathic doctors are well versed in treating the common concern of fatigue as they focus on getting to the root cause of the problem. Fatigue can be due to anemia, malabsorption, digestive issues such as IBS/IBD and food sensitivities as well as for emotional reasons. Stress is a common precursor to increased fatigue and can go hand in hand with the issue. As we treat the whole person and take into account all the health issues treating the reason for fatigue means a treatment may look different for each person depending on the cause.

When stress is an issue we can assist the body in handling stress with remedies and treatments that help the body adapt to higher demands for brief phases. If stress has been longterm then often the health of the adrenal glands suffers and a deeper restorative plan is undertaken.

No matter what the situation, naturopathic medicine offers so many wonderful options for treatment that yield excellent results and have been well researched. If your circumstances can’t change any time soon at least how you are experiencing stress and how your body is handling stress can be enhanced.