Seasonal allergies in children

Signs of spring and renewed life can bring such joy. This is not the case if you suffer from seasonal allergies. Then spring means sniffling, sneezing, itchy eyes, coughing.

Children’s asthma is increasingly being triggered by seasonal allergies. So out come the inhalers.

For your teen, allergies need to be investigated in otherwise unexplained migraines. This comes from a study published last year that showed a link between migraines in adolescents and the allergen picture of asthma and seasonal allergies.

Out of desperation, you may take medications to relieve your allergy symptoms that then leave you feeling groggy. Yet, when it comes to your child, you may hesitate to reach for these antihistamines, yet don’t want to see them suffer either.

Here comes in natural medicine.

Discover the allergen.

If your child is older than three, he or she can have skin scratch testing done by the naturopathic doctors at Sage Clinic. We test for the common inhalant allergens of grass, tree pollens, dust mites, cat, dog, ragweed, weed, and mold.

Unmask food sensitivities.

Food can be influencing your child’s immune system and increasing inflammation. It is considered that if we can reduce the total load on your child’s immune system, the seasonal allergens don’t have as much of an impact. We offer blood and electrodermal testing to uncover these food sensitivities.

Reduce exposure.

Leaving Victoria for the duration of the spring isn’t an option. So do what you can to control the quality of your indoor air. You may have noticed the air filters that are interspersed throughout the clinic. They are there to reduce airborne pollution. We have had many comments about how fresh our air is with these air filters in use. Learn more about these effective filters

Enhance the immune system.

Some of the essentials for kids are high quality fish oil and probiotics. Zinc is another powerful immune enhancer.

Dampen the allergen response.

Vitamin C and Quercetin reduce inflammation, strengthen the mucous membranes and reduce histamine levels in the body.

Treat the symptoms.

Homeopathy is a safe and effective way to attack the symptoms that come up for your children. We have many options from combination remedies to single homeopathics to draw from to bring relief to your child.

Consider Sublingual Immunotherapy (SLIT).

These are oral drops of the allergen in a low potency to desensitize the immune system to the known allergen(s). This is an effective and convenient alternative to allergy shots. You can discuss the protocol further with the naturopathic doctors at Sage Clinic.

With natural medicine on board, get your child outside with ease and comfort for fresh air and play.