Postpartum care

The postpartum period is a unique time for many families. Your ND is there to support you through the pleasures and challenges of this phase of parenting.

Naturopathic medicine can assist patients to establish lactation and address issues including insufficient supply, plugged ducts, mastitis, yeast overgrowth, etc. As well, optimizing a woman’s physical recovery from labour and delivery is vital including treatments for perineal healing and fatigue. Finally, your ND will assess and address the emotional changes that typically occur at this time and work to prevent or treat any postpartum depression or anxiety.

The mother child diad is closely linked especially in the first months after delivery so often they are treated simultaneously at this point. Sage ND’s can offer phone consults if needed and of course Sage Clinic is a baby and nursing friendly environment.

Are you a new parent with health concerns? Come on in for a consult today, and let us help you get off on the right foot!