Perinatal care

ND’s are well equipped to look after pregnant women from the time of conception, throughout each trimester, and onward after her delivery. We work well with patients under the care of MDs and midwives alike.

Naturopathic modalities can optimize a women’s health during her pregnancy, prevent complications, and prepare her for a routine labour and delivery. Your ND will ensure all nutritional demands are being met, and assess various risks through history taking and lab testing.

The ND’s at Sage also address issues such as threatened miscarriage, nausea, elevations or declines in blood pressure, mood changes, acute infections (like colds or UTI’s), musculoskeletal complaints, and more. We offer patients informed consent surrounding group beta strep, gestational diabetes, and post dates. If necessary, we also provide acupuncture and remedies to aid in cervical ripening.

Are you curious if we can support you with your pregnancy needs? Give us a call today!