Menopausal changes occur over a number of years (perimenopause), and although many women experience very few difficulties with this change in female physiology others may have great difficulty with the symptoms their bodies are eliciting. Extreme and uncomfortable symptoms of menopause are signs of imbalance within a woman’s body. With the help of a Naturopathic doctor, these underlying imbalances can be addressed to smooth the time of hormonal transition so that a woman may step into the post-menopausal years with ease and strength.

As a woman’s body ages and she passes the age of fertility, her ovaries eventually stop ovulating and thus she stops producing ovarian hormones. With the waning of the estrogen and progesterone, the adrenal glands take over the production of certain hormones. It is this shift in hormone production that causes the symptoms of menopause, mostly because the adrenal glands are suddenly being overworked. Supporting the health of the adrenal glands confers greater balance to the changing physiology of the menopausal woman.

Menopause symptoms can affect many different body systems and can include the following:

– hot flashes and night sweats

– depression

– insomnia

– vaginal dryness

– low libido

– abdominal weight gain

– skin changes

– anxiety

– fatigue

With the help of natural therapies, menopausal women can find relief to these symptoms without ending up on a medication cocktail that not only fails to address the underlying cause, but can also produce side effects that may make the woman feel worse.

By visiting a Naturopathic doctor, a menopausal woman can begin her journey to symptom freedom through a simple salivary hormone test that will indicate which hormones need support. From there, the Naturopathic doctor can prescribe a wide range of natural therapies including bio-identical hormones, herbs, homeopathic remedies and lifestyle modification suggestions that will assist the body in finding its new balance and allow for the cessation of menopausal symptoms.

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