Low testosterone

Low testosterone is becoming more recognized in men (and women). Testosterone gradually declines in men past the age of 30, and this is a normal part of aging. It does not cause such a drastic symptomatic change as menopause does in women, so it often goes undiagnosed. The signs and symptoms are often confused with other conditions which lead to ineffective treatment plans that offer marginal relief, if any. The signs and symptoms include:

Low energy
Lack of libido
Inability to gain or maintain an erection
Lack of focus
Loss of muscle mass
While these symptoms can all be seen in a myriad of conditions, it is important to look for their origins. Clinically, the single biggest contributing factor to low testosterone is excessive stress, which can be found in almost every patient.

Typically, most cases are dramatically improved with herbal medicines. By treating the cause, which is commonly stress, the patient finds relief. With a multi-faceted approach to treatment, we can support the adrenals, thyroid, and testosterone production to give an ideal customized treatment plan for each person.

Exercise, proper nutrition and stress reduction will all help contribute to improved testosterone levels in men at any age. It is important to remember that no one should ever treat themselves with testosterone. Testosterone is federally regulated and illegal to carry without a prescription. Improper dosages and durations can cause bodily harm and pre-mature death. Consult your Naturopathic Physician for appropriate testing and referrals if necessary.