Hormone imbalance

Are you feeling off?

Never well since a time of great stress in your life?

Does your weight just seems to be creeping upward, despite healthy diet and lifestyle changes?

Are you having monthly changes in mood and energy that are keeping you from managing your everyday life?

The intricate balance of hormone production in the human body is a complex system. Times or stress or life-stage changes can create imbalances in hormone production that can dramatically affect your overall health. Your ND can help you accurately assess hormone status, diagnose insufficiency and help you recover normal function.

Book in to see your ND today and get the following information:

-Complete urine or saliva hormone profile testing

-Complete evaluation and assessment of hormonal imbalance in all systems

-Lifestyle and diet counselling to create a healthy foundation for hormonal balance

-Treatment program that includes supplementation of deficient hormones or naturopathic protocols to restore normal production

Let’s work together to get you on your way to optimal health!