Chronic vaginal infections

Chronic Vaginal Infections are uncomfortable and disrupt your life!

How can Naturopathic Medicine help you reclaim and rebalance your vaginal ecosystem?

Testing for the presence of bacterial and fungal organisms and assessing effectiveness of both over-the-counter and herbal treatment options for those bugs.
Full diet and lifestyle review to help you uncover daily/weekly habits that may predispose you to chronic infections.
Dietary and lifestyle counseling to help establish healthy routines and self-care for gynecological health as well as overall wellness.
Herbal, homeopathic and even pharmaceutical options can be utilized to get your system back to balance as quickly as possible.
For many women, over-the-counter options get overused or inappropriately taken when we self-diagnose with “yeast” infections.

Keep in mind that yeast is only one of several organisms that can become imbalanced in the vaginal environment.

Come in today and let us help you find the best treatment for your concerns!