by Dr. Jessica Moore, ND

“Naturopathic Doctors (NDs) trained in Integrative cancer care play an important role in the support of people diagnosed with cancer through survivorship. They provide evidence-informed guidance on safe and effective use of natural and supportive therapies, when combined with conventional treatment1.” Surveys estimate that over 80% of people with cancer are choosing to use natural and supportive therapies alongside their conventional treatments2,3. This may include nutrition, lifestyle, exercise, targeted supplementation, emotional wellness, acupuncture, IV therapies or other therapies. Prevention is often key focus and may include primary prevention in patients without a history of cancer or secondary prevention in those who are wanting to mitigate risk for cancer recurrence.


For those managing an active cancer diagnosis, there are evidence-based natural medicines that may act synergistically with conventional treatment therapies, improve quality of life and even support positive outcomes. For example, Viscum album extract, or Mistletoe therapy is a traditional plant medicine that has been widely studied in Europe. Large studies have demonstrated improved quality of life, increased survival time and a reduction in recurrence risk4. Mistletoe is among many other evidence-supported integrative medicine strategies offered by Dr. Jessica Moore, ND at Sage Clinic.


Integrative and naturopathic cancer care with Dr. Jessica Moore may include:

  • Reducing side effects from conventional oncotherapy
  • Pre and post-surgical support
  • Strengthening immune health
  • Optimizing diet
  • Metabolic balancing (appropriate weight gain and weight loss)
  • Supporting gastrointestinal health
  • Improving quality of life issues such as sleep, energy, mental clarity or mood, sexual wellness
  • The use of proactive natural therapies to aid in the fight against cancer,
  • Recurrence risk reduction after a cancer diagnosis or treatment and reclaiming health and wellness after conventional therapy


Dr. Moore utilizes evidence-informed natural therapies as well as advanced laboratory testing to monitor efficacy of treatment. Depending on a patient’s individual clinical needs, personal health goals, preferences, and comfort level, Dr. Moore’s treatment may include: diet, lifestyle discussion, botanical/herbal medicine, injection or IV therapy, acupuncture or other treatment approaches. Dr. Moore assesses compatibility between a patient’s natural therapies, conventional treatment, current medications, health issues and past medical history. She is pleased to work integratively and collaboratively with you and any of your other medical providers. If you would like to schedule a cancer care visit, please call the clinic at 604-697-0397.


Dr. Moore is currently accepting new patients and is pleased to provide care to patients of Dr. Adam Mcleod, ND, in his absence.


Before starting any supplements, see a Naturopathic Doctor to ensure the supplements you are taking (or heard were good) are in fact good for your case.



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