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Prevention is better than cure ~ Desiderius Erasmus

You feel good but you want to know exactly where you stand. What is your baseline functioning?  How are you managing toxins?  Are your hormones in balance?  Are you absorbing the food you are digesting?  After antibiotics, how is your gut flora doing?  Are there any foods that are irritating your system?  Are you adapting to stress or are you compromised because of it?  Are there different and informed choices you can be making about your health that will make a difference to your daily well-being?

These are important questions and we are glad you are asking them because it is much easier to prevent a disease than it is to cure one.  At Sage Clinic can help you answer these questions.

One of the keystones of naturopathic medicine is functional lab testing. Naturopathic physicians recognize that on the spectrum between optimal health and disease, there is a middle zone of less than optimal functioning.  This is where health decline can begin undetected. This is the stage when irritating symptoms begin to present themselves but it’s unclear why. We know that the body will reveal its reason for these symptoms if the right methods of assessment are utilized. We look at the more subtle markers that indicate the beginning of imbalance so that treatment can be applied well before a disease manifests.

At Sage Clinic we have designed an assessment program that comprises our core functional tests in combination with personalized consultation with a naturopathic physician. Depending upon your choice of assessment, your naturopath will perform the indicated physical examinations, interpret test results in light of your unique history and give comprehensive treatment recommendations.

Here is our menu of Sage Health Assessments for health optimization:

Basic Healthy Living Profile and Consultation – $1157.00

This powerful combination of functional lab testing and consultation allows for a comprehensive and professional assessment of your well-being.  This profile is an excellent choice for determining your health baselines.  By assessing your body’s digestion and absorption of food and thus nutrients this testing combination is a great tool in prevention of disease.  A naturopath can glean a great deal of information about your health from these two simple tests.  Your first appointment allows for a complete and thorough overview of your health with a naturopathic physician.  You then have your blood drawn for testing.  Once your blood work is complete (about 10-14 days), your naturopath will review the results with you and discuss treatment strategies and the optimal healthy living choices for you in a follow-up consultation.   The information offered by these unique tests will allow you and your naturopath to individualize your treatment approach in order to optimize your health.

The Basic Healthy Living Profile includes:

  • Food Allergy Assessment
  • Nutrient Composition Profile
  • Phlebotomy with our in-house technician
  • One full hour initial consultation and one 30 minute follow-up consultation with a naturopathic physician

Comprehensive Healthy Living Profile – $1897.00

With this profile, we have picked our top lab tests to assess your physiological function at every level.  How one ages is dependent upon the optimal function of your organ systems.  In addition to the above health living profile which determines your nutrient status and your response to the food you are eating, this Comprehensive Healthy Living Profile also assesses your gut health including your micro biome status, which is proving to be one of the most significant factors in disease prevention, as well as your hormone profile.  The hormone profile includes testing of adrenal hormones as well as reproductive hormones.  Come into the clinic for a thorough initial consultation and to have your blood work done.  Once your results are in, your naturopath will review everything with you and set up a comprehensive health action plan for treatment and prevention of disease.

The Comprehensive Healthy Living Profile includes:

  • Food Allergy Assessment
  • Nutrient Composition Profile
  • GI Health Panel
  • Hormone Profile
  • Phlebotomy with our in-house technician
  • 90 minute consultation with naturopathic physician

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