Sage Clinic Statement Regarding Al Jazeera Documentary

On December 27, 2015 Sage Clinic personnel were shocked to learn of a documentary on alleged sports doping implicating naturopathic physician Dr. Brandon Spletzer.  Pending completion of a thorough investigation by ourselves and appropriate authorities, Sage Clinic immediately suspended the contract of Dr. Brandon Spletzer and notified the College of Naturopathic Physicians of British Columbia, our professional governing body, of the matter.

Sage Clinic doctors and staff had no awareness of alleged sports doping or other wrongdoing occurring on our clinic premises or elsewhere.  Our group naturopathic medical practice founded in 2002 has safely and professionally utilized natural, non-invasive treatment methods to assist our patients in improving their health.  As part of our scope of practice, prescription authority is a privilege and is appropriately used when it is a medical necessity.  Sage Clinic’s use of any prescription is undertaken with the utmost care, attention, compliance and respect.

Professional sports doping could not be any more contrary to the philosophy and vision of our clinic and of the profession of naturopathic medicine. We are saddened that the documentary implies any connection between this reported activity and our clinic.  To reassure our patients and colleagues of Sage Clinic’s commitment to responsible, compliant patient care, we will cooperate fully with the proper authorities’ investigation into this matter and are conducting our own internal investigation.

Sage Clinic is dedicated to the ongoing care of our patients who deserve the respect of their privacy and medical needs.  Please refer all inquiries to Sage Clinic manager Tianna at