Prolothereapy for Pelvic Floor Dysfunction

Dr. Deirdre O’Neill, ND

Pelvic floor dysfunction can occur after pregnancy or childbirth. Ligaments in the pelvic floor can be torn or stretched even in the most uncomplicated deliveries. Injury to the sacroiliac ligaments and the pubic symphysis can then affect the stability of the pelvic floor. This pelvic instability can lead to muscle spasm. In addition, joints in the pelvis can become impaired, such as the sacroiliac joint and the hip joint. The pelvic organs are affected by the changes in the muscles, joints and ligaments of the area, leading to an array of symptoms.

Prolotherapy is a great treatment for ligament injury. Prolotherapy gets at treating the root cause, here the ligament instability. It is a consideration for a patient who is still in pain after trying some of the muscular based treatments like Kegels, physical therapy and deep tissue massage.

Prolotherapy is an injection technique with the purpose of bringing blood flow into an injured area, creating a localized healing inflammatory response. Blood is rich in platelets and growth factors. What ensues is the beginning of a healing cascade. Collagen gets deposited. Ligaments get strengthened. Once the ligaments heal, pelvic stability is achieved. Now the muscles stop their contracting and the pain goes away.

This exact process occurred for me after my first son. I too hear this many times from patients, that things just aren’t the same after a delivery. This statement is right in so many respects. Yet it doesn’t have to be when it comes to pain that develops in the pelvic region ever since the birth of your child. I personally have had great results from prolotherapy where the chronic pelvic floor pain and referral pain into my hip and sacrum stopped as the muscle tone and ligament structure of the pelvic floor went back to normal from prolotherapy treatments.


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