Pathways of Detoxification

Dr. Giselle Lefebvre, ND

Chelation is the use of agents to detoxify your body from heavy metal such as mercury, arsenic, and lead. On average 10-20 IV treatments are needed to ensure that the stored heavy metals have been removed. Using a personalized IV formula to move the heavy metals from their binding sites is one part of chelation therapy, the next part is making sure they are leaving your body effectively. For this to happen we need to ensure the pathways of detoxification are functioning properly.

What are these pathways? Primarily we eliminate toxins through our stool and urine – so regular bowel movements and being hydrated are key. As well through our skin our largest organ of detoxification and through urination. Our kidneys, liver and lymphatic system all play essential roles in supporting how our body unloads these heavy metals. If these pathways are not functioning optimally, then you will not eliminate effectively.

Tools you can use to support your pathways of detoxification

  1. Dry Skin Brushing – This is my favourite treatment, using a dry skin brush on a regular improves the look and feel of your skin, can reduce cellulite -which has links to heavy metal storage. Using a natural bristle skin brush, short strokes towards the heart, this invigorating treatment can be done daily to support your lymphatic system.
  2. Infrared sauna therapy – Sweating is one way we can get the toxins out of body. While in the sauna, continue wiping off sweat as it appears, this helps to increase the effects and helps you sweat more. Saunas increase circulation and improve energy by delivering more nutrients to cells while eliminating toxins.
  3. Charcoal – Activated charcoal can bind to circulating toxins and help eliminated them. Taking charcoal after your IV chelation will decrease the side effects of the treatment and support the elimination of the heavy metals through your stool.
  4. Whole Body Cleanse – I love this product as a precursor to chelation treatments to enhance elimination. Read up about it on our blog.

If you are interested in learning more about chelation and how heavy metals might be an obstacle to your healing, book an appointment with one of chelation doctors to find out if it is the treatment for you.


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