Optimize Your Health



With the New Year fresh in our minds use the turning over of a new calendar as an opportunity to take stock of where you are and where you would like to be in life path.  In terms of health this is an ideal time for a personal inventory.  Even if you feel pretty good it may be that you can still take steps to optimize your health.


As Naturopathic Physicians we interpret the language of the body by listening to the symptoms it displays.  Each symptom is an indication that a particular system is out of balance or perhaps needing attention.  The system that is calling our attention the loudest (ie giving the most impactful symptoms) is typically the one needing the most support.  By tuning into what your body is telling you its a great time to revisit your health routine and perhaps take steps to optimize in the New Year.


Take a moment to do a personal inventory and if you find the answer to these questions is complicated then likely your body is asking you to do things differently.  Perhaps a shift in dietary habits, some supportive herbs or remedies, an update to your supplements or a stress management routine is in order.  Listen to your body as it will tell you volumes.


After you answer the questions above, bring the results of your inventory check-in to your naturopathic doctor and together create a workable plan to address and optimize your health.


Happy New Year!