New Year, New You


Dr Deirdre O’Neill, ND

The New Year brings with it a time of reflection and a time to set goals. As we tick through the days of January, the hardest part for many can be sticking with those resolutions. A role Naturopathic doctors play with many of our patients is of guides along the river of health. We can help you be accountable which invariably helps you stay on track and get your desired results.

A popular program at Sage clinic is weight loss. We like to be smart at weight loss. Like many other conditions, the natural approach is quite individual. We work toward cracking the code within each patient that is influencing the shape of his/her body. Here are listed some of the steps that we take.

Heal the gut. One of the biggest stumbling blocks that the body has in order to shed pounds is when there are gut inflammation and food sensitivities. Vega and blood testing are used to decipher which foods may be the culprits. Some patients have reported that by just healing the gut and changing the foods, not the amounts, they eat has resulted in healthy weight loss.

Balancing hormones. Many women speak of weight changes during the course of their month and around menopause. Outside of blaming it on satisfying those chocolate cravings and resolving to a tire waist, it can come down to hormones. To get to the source, we test thyroid, cortisol, progesterone and estrogen, the hormones that play a key role in metabolism.

Detoxify. The body stores excess toxins in fat tissue. Excess inflammation is another avenue where the body shifts from metabolism to fat storage. Detoxification and drainage are two ways to address toxin removal and inflammation.

Address Emotional Eating. Developing a healthy relationship with food can be the key to getting off the roller coaster of constant dieting. We have seen in practice some of the most successful patients have been those that wrote a journal throughout the weight loss program to get down to the why of those bad habits.

How You Measure. In Victoria, you also have an option of having a Bioimpedence analysis (BIA) test done. The BIA test is a reliable way to measure your lean and fat body mass; the health of your cells and where you store water in your body. These measurements help to narrow down the best approach to weight loss outlined above. Follow up tests are valuable as it makes sure that the weight that you are loosing on the scale is indeed what you are meaning to loose, fat.

As you get out and move this New Year, have us at Sage clinic help you get started on the right foot.