New PAP Smear Guidelines

Dr. Deirdre O’Neill, ND

Cervical cancer screening guidelines have changed recently in Canada, following suit of the CDC’s guidelines to the South.
The new recommendations are :
No routine screening for women under age 25, including sexually active women.  Previous recommendation was starting at age 18 especially in sexually active women
A strong recommendation for screening women aged 30 to 69 every three years.  Previous recommendation was screeningevery year.
Ending screening for women aged 70 and over who’ve had three successive negative Pap test results. 

You can learn about the impact of these changes in this CBC article.


What is resulting from these changes in the guidelines is discussion. Instead of having a steadfast rule that all women need to be screened for cervical cancer during their annual exam, individual risks are being brought forward to determine the best screening frequency for each patient.


Naturopathic doctors offer pap tests to our patients. Discuss with your naturopathic doctor what would be considered the best frequency of testing for you within these new guidelines.