Mind and Matter


Dr. Miranda Wiley, ND

Mental and emotional states can be just as influential on our health as physical trauma, pain, or infection.  There is an increasing amount of research exploring the connections between of mental/emotional stresses such as grief, anxiety, depression, anger, and fear and their effects the physical body.  And it can go both ways with physical imbalances such as chronic pain, blood sugar irregularities, or hormonal fluctuations contributing to mental/emotional discomfort.  Regardless of whether the emotional state is the proverbial “chicken” or “the egg”, for true holistic healing it is important to address the mind as well as the body.

While stress is inevitable and life is prone to throwing curve balls, it is the ability of the mind and body to process such events appropriately and resume a state of balance in a timely manner that constitutes our emotional well-being.  For example, grief in the face of loss is a necessary emotion, but if it “get’s stuck” then we run the risk of having a negative emotion affect our progress in life.  If you feel caught in a pattern of anxiety, depression, or insomnia; if you are processing some uncomfortable feelings in your body, mind or both; if you don’t feel fully engaged and optimally vital, then mind-body balancing may be useful for you.

There are many approaches to restoring emotional harmony.  Physical techniques such as acupuncture or Bowen Therapy can help reconnect body and mind and promote internal balance.  Neurotransmitter support using amino acids, herbs and nutraceuticals, helps to regulate the levels of compounds in the brain and body that govern how our nerves transmit information between the mind and body.  Another approach is the use of flower remedies or essences from the buds of plants, both of which can gently but effectively shift our internal patterns through energetic medicine.  Counselling, or NET (Neuro Emotional Technique) are also tremendously effective.  Whatever the imbalance, and however you might prefer to approach them, there are tools available to help you feel your best physically, mentally, and emotionally.