Liver Cleansing for Whole Body Health

Dr. Terrie Van Alstyne, N.D.

The liver is the one organ that takes the brunt of dealing with all of the toxic metabolites in the body. These toxins come into the body from many sources including: air‐born pollution, pollutants in our water such as chlorine, heavy metals, drugs, pesticides, etc., chemicals sprayed on or injected into our food, prescription and over‐the‐counter medications as well as chemicals in our typical hair, skin and oral hygiene products. With the Biofeedback analysis I find most people have a liver enzyme imbalance which indicates that the liver needs support.
Symptoms of the liver being over taxed include: fatigue, gas and bloating, excess weight, food allergies, impaired digestion, irritability, mood swings, bad breath and foul‐smelling stools, frequent colds, recurring headaches, chronic constipation, Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), protruding belly, food cravings, skin problems, rashes, hemorrhoids, Candida yeast causing vaginal discharge, itchy anus and/or sugar or carbohydrate cravings among other symptoms.
Dandelion, Milk thistle, Ginseng and Eleuthrococcus are potent herbs that enhance detoxification by supporting the liver and other major organs involved in toxin metabolism and release from the body. These herbs are available at our clinic in teas, homeopathic oral drops formulas and in oral capsules.
A poultice on the liver of warm hexane‐free castor oil on a natural flannel cloth soaks through the skin into the organ and makes it function more efficiently.
A vegetable juice/ broth or water fast lasting from one to ten days followed by seven days of whole grains and organic vegetables is an excellent dietary method of supporting the liver and should be done in combination with one or more of the above detoxification methods. Juice fasting gives the digestive tract a break from using much of the body’s energy to digest food so that the energy can be used for cellular detoxification (please consult your naturopath for detailed instructions on how to fast safely and effectively).
Cruciferous vegetables, fruits and dark berries contain glutathione which is an important nutrient for the liver. Other liver enhancing foods include beets, carrots, asparagus and bitter greens like rapini.  Half a lemon juiced in warm water before breakfast is a simple way to jump start the liver.
Consider a scientifically proven foot/body detoxification bath as an extremely effective way to draw heavy metals and other toxins out of the cells and organs. Patients with arthritis, diabetes, circulation problems and gout have experienced immediate relief after each session.
Spring is a great time to incorporate one or more of these liver enhancing ideas into your life and your liver will thank you. You will experience improved energy, mood, digestion, hormone balance and general sense of wellbeing.