Intravenous Therapy for Stress and Immunity

Dr. Julia Christensen, ND

As we enter September, the days are often still warm but we move towards the Earth energy and an increased sense of stability.  Summer brings with it a fire energy, one that is very much of “doing”, full of activity and growth.  The transition to September and fall can be a little unnerving as we move back to routine, work, and school.  Often we will feel a little stressed with this transition, finding ourselves more susceptible to illness.  One modality that is fantastic for providing direct rejuvenation along with specific nutrients for stress and immune support is intravenous (IV) therapy.


Naturopathic physicians who offer IV therapy are able to custom blend a formula based on your nutrient requirements. This of course is always an adjunct to optimizing lifestyle factors such as sleep, nutrition, movement and water intake!


Benefits of IV Therapy

This modality is quick acting as the nutrients are taken up directly into your blood stream bypassing the digestive tract. If you are finding that you are particularly stressed or your immune system is feeling run down (from a lot of travel or from exposure to more bugs with the kids returning to school) you may want to consider an IV drip. Patients often report to me that they feel more energy and focus, a sense of relaxation, decreased duration of cold/flu symptoms, and increased exercise endurance to name just a few of the main benefits.


For a stress supportive IV we incorporate vitamin C, magnesium and vitamin B5 (in addition to other B Vitamins and minerals) as they directly support the adrenal (stress) glands. Acute and long term stress often deletes the adrenals. An immune supportive IV will often include higher amounts of vitamin C along with immune supportive minerals like magnesium and zinc (again amongst other minerals and B vitamins).


IV therapy you can take anywhere from 30min to 1 hour.  You ND will formulate with blend of nutrients based on your unique needs. If you’d like more information on how intravenous therapy could benefit you please don’t hesitate to contact the clinic!



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