Dry Skin Brushing

A simple & effective way to detoxify your body, boost your immunity & restore your skin’s healthy glow!

Dr. Alexia Harris, ND

Our skin is the largest organ in the body and makes up about 16 percent of our body weight, so it deserves a great deal of love and care on a daily basis. As one of our main organs of detoxification, our skin is responsible for eliminating toxins and cellular waste products through sweating, producing oily secretions and by sloughing off dead skin cells. When dead cells build up over time, the skin thickens and roughens which not only leads to a dry scaly looking body, but also creates a barrier to the removal of toxins.

Dry brushing is a simple and gentle treatment that not only leaves skin looking toned and feeling smooth, it also allows the body to detoxify more efficiently by removing excess dead skin cells that hinder the elimination of toxins. Dry brushing also stimulates circulation and lymphatic drainage which further enhances detoxification, and it promotes alertness, provides an energy boost and increases immune function.

Benefits of Daily Dry Brushing:

– Exfoliation of dead skin cells for softer skin

– Unclogs pores and reduces ingrown hairs

– Reduces cellulite

– Stimulates circulation for increased alertness and energy

– Stimulates and improves digestive function

– Stimulates lymphatic drainage for enhanced detoxification and immune function

– Reduces stress and calms the nervous system


What Is a Dry Brush?

There are various types of dry brushes that can be purchased at any drug store or health and beauty stores. It is best to choose soft brushes with natural bristles, or natural sea sponges since they are more gentle on your body compared to synthetic plastic bristles.

Step-By-Step Guide To Proper Dry Brushing:

Dry brushing is very simple and takes less then 5 minutes a day. There are just a few key points to keep in mind to get the most out of your treatment:

1) Do It In the Morning: Dry brushing is best done in the morning, first thing upon waking and just before bathing so that any dead skin cells can be washed away afterwards.

2) Dry Skin Is Key: Make sure your skin is completely dry. Any moisture prevents some of the dead skin cells from sloughing off.

3) Proper Technique: Use gentle, soft circular motions over the entire body, making sure to avoid any irritated or broken skin. Also avoid the breasts and face as skin is more fragile and sensitive in these areas.

4) Work Your Way Up: Begin at the soles of your feet and moving from the toes to your heels, then up the legs, spending extra time at the back of the knees and inner thighs as these areas with containing many lymph nodes. Then move towards the buttocks and lower back.

5) Work Your Way In: Then move from your buttocks to your fingertips, hands and arms all the way to your armpits. Again spend extra time in the arm pits as this is an area containing many lymph nodes. Reach around and get the upper back, shoulders, neck and collar bone area.

6) End On the Abdomen: Spend more time over the abdomen as the liver and intestines are the major organs of detoxification. Work your way from the outside, in towards the heart and belly button moving in a clockwise direction. Moving in circles toward the lower left side of your abdomen increases blood flow and lymphatic drainage in the intestines, which stimulates digestive function and detoxification.

7) Pamper Yourself: Follow with a gentle towel dry then apply a nourishing plant-based oil such as coconut oil, olive, almond or jojba oil to leave your skin feeling silky smooth and refreshed.


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