Dr G’s Allergy Top 3

Dr. Giselle Lefebvre, ND

If you know you have seasonal allergies, get support before allergy season begins. Here on the west coast, we often have an early allergy start, and a second round in the fall. Seasonal allergies are weather dependent so they can sneak up on us.  While trying to sort out what is causing the reactions, people often use over the counter allergy medication to manage their symptoms.

Many people find antihistamines may cause side effects like drowsiness, dry mouth and dizziness. For some allergy sufferers these side effects are more uncomfortable than the actual allergy symptoms.  There are some alternatives to help prevent the need for starting an antihistamine.

My Top 3

  • I start my patients with PascoAllerg by Pascoe. A homeopathic remedy that, can be used preventatively and works well acutely for the stuffy nose and sinus congestion. Take one pill every hour until symptoms resolve.
  • Quercetin is my go to for all allergies. This is a great tool to help stabilize the mast cells (mast cells release the histamine that leads to our allergy symptoms).  Quercetin works best at a high dose for 2 weeks,  ideally before the allergy symptoms starts then take it daily throughout the season
  • I love using Nettle as a herbal infusion.  Nettle leaf made into a tea is anti-inflammatory and can help with our seasonal allergies while providing a rich source of minerals. Nettle leaf is a great tea and can be found as a loose herb or in tea bags. Drink throughout the day, hot or cold.

These three tools can work wonders while we are working on dealing with the allergens in our environment. When you have allergies, finding relief can seem out of reach. By choosing natural remedies with proper self-care you can improve how your body responds to the allergens in its environment.  Please consult your naturopathic physician to determine the best choice for you.