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Sage Clinic Vancouver doctors have been chosen the Best of Vancouver nine years in a row in the Georgia Straight reader’s poll. As experts in natural medicine, we give our patients individualized care founded on extensive study and practice. We look forward to working with you.

Dr. Samantha Gray, ND RAc

Caring and Knowledgable Naturopath. Alchemical Acupuncturist. Nature Lover, Dancer, Gardener, Mother of two. Sage Clinic Founder.

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Dr. Julie Moore, ND

Helping people find the root cause of imbalance and using natural and conventional medicines to treat disharmony and restore function

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Dr. Juliet Ghodsian, ND

Kind-hearted, Healing Hands, Optimistic and Bright, Intuitive Nature, Performer at heart, Mother of two

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Dr. Miranda Wiley, ND

Caring, compassionate, and curious. Creative whole food cook, eternal student, yoga enthusiast, and playful mother to two wee ones.

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Dr. Giselle Lefebvre, ND

Happy, Creative, Resourceful, Herbal Tea lover, Doula, Naturopathic Doctor

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Dr. Alexia Harris, ND

Dedicated, insightful and creative at heart. Passionate health foodie and fitness enthusiast who loves art, cooking, snowboarding and long-distance running.

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Dr. Jessica Moore, ND

Integrative cancer care, chronic disease, IV therapies, acupuncture, nutrition, patient empowerment.

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Dr. Simone Baum, ND

Naturopathic Physician, Biofeedback Practitioner, Compassionate Listener, Health Detective, Devoted Mother of Three

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Adam McLeod

Author, healer, father

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Sage Clinic Victoria doctors are a team of talented physicians who share a passion for expertise in naturopathic medicine and a love of west coast living.

Dr. Lisa Polinsky, ND

Victoria native, co-owner Sage Clinic, mother of two, yogi, mindfulness meditator, intuitive.

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Dr. Julia Christensen, ND

Women’s health, adventurer, yogi, dancer, loving auntie

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Dr. Erin Crossman, ND

Family medicine, acute and chronic injury, digestive health, stress management. Whole-hearted laugher, nurturer, and lover of bare feet.

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Dr. Jocelyn Taitt, ND

Stress. Digestion. Fatigue. Immune system. Women’s + Family medicine. Singer, Reiki Master, loving aunt, nature enthusiast.

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Dr. Katie Branter, ND

Passionate about Body Positivity, Empowering Patients, Energy Medicine and Emotional Healing

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Dr. Arezou Babri, ND

Assisting individuals in implementing lifestyle changes in order to live a life of optimal wellness

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