Dr. Katie Branter, ND

Passionate about Body Positivity, Empowering Patients, Energy Medicine and Emotional Healing
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Phone: 250-216-2729

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Dr. Katie Branter is passionate about helping her patients feel empowered in their health journey. She loves guiding and collaborating with her patients and believes they all have the inner guidance system needed to heal, her main job is  to provide guidance in tapping into it. She loves working with her patients on clearing blocks whether emotional, physical, or spiritual.

Having been through major challenges in her own health journey and in her life, she brings wisdom, insight and personal experience in complex health issues to the table. She loves energy medicine, plant medicine, traditional Chinese medicine and uses a variety of other modalities to collaborate with her patients in their deeper healing.

Dr. Katie is devoted to her own health and well-being and will often be found walking in nature and doing yoga or puttering at home. She is a big believer in stillness, living a life authentic to self and nurturing our soul’s desires.

Dr. Katie treats the whole person, with a focus on women. She is an ambassador of self-love and truly believes that these amazing bodies we have been given benefit from listening to and supporting the messages they are showing us.

She works in collaboration with her patients to help them develop a deeper understanding and connection to their bodies, so that the healing pathways can flow.

Dr. Katie is also the co-founder of the Body Unity Project and Body Imagine, a movement supporting women in loving, honouring and healing our bodies in community. Workshops will be offered soon.

Dr. Katie is available for inspirational speaking engagements and health talks.

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