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October 11, 2018

Traumatic Brain Injury: Long-term effects, management and treatment options

Dr. Arezou Babri, ND Traumatic brain injuries (TBI) most commonly include concussions, closed head injuries, or penetrating injuries. These injuries can result from anything between a simple blow to the head to a significant external trauma that can impact the normal function of the brain. A TBI can have long-term physical, cognitive, behavioural, and psychological […]

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May 17, 2018

Treating Headaches with IV Therapy

Dr. Giselle Lefebvre, ND Headaches are caused by a multitude of factors. It takes time for many people to source the root causes. From food sensitivity, heavy metal toxicity to tension or physical trauma- headaches come in all shapes and sizes.  As we are working together to understand the underlying cause of the chronic headaches, especially […]

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Headaches Types, Diagnosis and Management

Dr. Arezou Babri, ND Headache Types Headaches affect people of all ages, races and socioeconomic backgrounds. However, the prevalence of headaches is more common in the female population. Tension headaches, cluster headaches and migraines are all classified as primary headache disorders that account for 98% of all headaches. Depending on the type of headache, different […]

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Preventing Migraine Headaches with Butterbur (Petasites hybridus)

Dr. Leah Hassall, ND Migraine sufferers can be struck with headaches that are so debilitating that they get in the way of everyday activities such as work, school, taking care of children or just enjoyment of life. Migraine prevention therapy is recommended for people that have frequent attacks, if those attacks last multiple days, if […]

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