Category: Genetic Testing

January 15, 2019

Map your Gut and Master your Metabolism

Dr. Juliet Ghodsian, ND We are often told that diet, genetics, and endocrine balance are the primary factors that determine our body weight set point.  However, there is another often-overlooked variable that can play an important role in maintaining your body weight.  This is your personal collection of microorganisms, or your Microbiome. How could the […]

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July 12, 2018

Intermittent Fasting and the Ketogenic Diet: Jeans and Genes

Dr. Jocelyn Taitt, ND Intermittent fasting (IF) and the ketogenic (“keto”) diet are currently two of the trendiest styles of eating. In the past few years vast assortments of ketogenic-oriented supplements have sprung up on the shelves of grocery and health food stores, and “bullet-proof” coffee is à la mode. Celebrity health professionals like Dr. […]

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