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February 19, 2019

Minerals, Methylation, and Mental function

Dr. Miranda Wiley, ND We are born with 100 billion neurons, and with every neuron in contact with 1,000 other cells (on average) there are more than 100 trillion synaptic connections in our brain!  However, the neurotransmitters that relay information within these synapses are not static from birth and require constant synthesis and breakdown for […]

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August 8, 2018

Treating the Gut in Mood Disorders: The Link between Anxiety, Depression and IBS

Dr. Leah Hassall, ND We have all experienced that feeling of a “pit” or “butterflies” in the stomach when we are scared, anxious or excited. Is this just imagined or are the brain and the stomach actually communicating? The idea of a connection between the brain and the gut where emotions and mood can trigger […]

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January 22, 2018

Your Mood and Vitamin D Testing

Dr. Lisa Polinsky, ND “We just passed Blue Monday  – January 15, 2018 – a title given as it’s the 3rd Monday in January and has been considered to be the saddest day in the year.  While not a fully scientific label it does generate conversation and can be a point of personal check-in each […]

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February 28, 2017

The Gluten-Mood Connection

How Celiac Disease and Gluten Sensitivity Can Affect Your Mood Dr. Arjuna Veeravagu, ND RAc Celiac disease is an inherited autoimmune disease that affects the digestive process of the small intestine in around 1% of the population.  When a person who has celiac consumes gluten, a protein found in wheat, barley and rye, the individual’s immune system […]

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Help for Anxiety and Depression

Elizabeth Stimson, ND Anxiety and Depressive symptoms plague many individuals on a daily basis. The cause can be multifactorial and it can affect the lives of all around the primary person involved. There may be a genetic predisposition to anxiety and/or depression and often there is a family history. Causes can vary, however, and the […]

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Kava For a Brighter Outlook

Dorian Holmes, ND A favoured herb for the treatment of anxiety and depression is known as Kava.  The Latin name for Kava is Piper methysticum, it is of the Piperaceae (or pepper) family. Kava a green broad-leaf dioecious shrub traditionally used herb for sacred rituals in cultures throughout the Pacific Islands and even in Hawaii. Some […]

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November 23, 2016

Brain Health: Testing Your Neurotransmitters

Dr. Samantha Gray, ND RAc Neurotransmitters are unique chemicals that facilitate the transmission of signals or messages throughout the body. Neurotransmitters are particularly active in the brain to influence and regulate a wide range of processes such as mental performance, emotions, pain response and energy levels. Neurotransmitters are the brain’s chemical messengers, facilitating communication among […]

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November 22, 2016

Ashwaganda: Withania somnifera

Dr. Jeannie Achuff, ND As naturopathic doctors, we have the privilege of witnessing the very intimate textures of people’s lives as they are lived. It is sometimes so raw and straining, and we see our patients brought to their knees by the hands of fate. While we can’t shepherd our patients through the bumps in […]

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October 19, 2016

Supporting Life’s Transitions with Bach Flower Remedies

Dr. Miranda Wiley, ND “A change is as good as a rest”, or so the saying goes, and yet there are times in our life when change is nerve-wracking, exciting to the point of stomach butterflies, or downright scary. You may be facing a new career, a change of relationship, a metamorphosis within your own […]

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Self Care Practices for Grounding through Transition and Change

Dr. Julia Christensen, ND Fall is upon us and while this signifies the cooling of the air and an array of colour in the trees, for many it can be a significant time of transition and change. Perhaps you have a child going to school for the very first time whether that be kindergarten, high […]

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