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December 17, 2019

Bringing Mindfulness In Times of Stress and Overwhelm

Dr. Julia Christensen ND It’s inevitable that life will present us with both challenging and joyful moments in an ebb and flow like manner; and it is within this dance that it serves us to learn how to accept the way things are with grace.   As we learn to navigate our responses and increase our […]

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Nervine Tonics and Relaxants for Calming

Dr. Samantha Gray, ND RAc Stress and the nervous system are intimately connected.  Chronic and acute stress puts the nervous system on alert. The triggered nervous system stimulates engagement of all major systems of the body including the cardiovascular system, the respiratory system, the musculoskeletal system and the gastrointestinal system in order to meet the stress […]

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November 25, 2019

Relaxation Supports for Children

Dr. Julia Christensen, ND Restlessness, feelings of anxiety, constipation, and difficulty sleeping are some common presentations that I see in children who come to my office.  The underlying imbalance and unifying factor of these symptoms could be from an over-engagement of the sympathetic nervous system (or fight or flight system as it’s commonly called).  Sometimes […]

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February 19, 2019

Minerals, Methylation, and Mental function

Dr. Miranda Wiley, ND We are born with 100 billion neurons, and with every neuron in contact with 1,000 other cells (on average) there are more than 100 trillion synaptic connections in our brain!  However, the neurotransmitters that relay information within these synapses are not static from birth and require constant synthesis and breakdown for […]

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August 8, 2018

Anxiety – Finding Ease in an Epidemic

Dr. Lisa Polinsky, ND  “Respect your uniqueness. Drop your comparison. Relax into your being.” – Rumi Anxiety is on the rise with younger generations reporting heightened stress over previous generations. Stress among children is estimated to have increased 45% over the past 30 years.1. Millennials (ages 18-35) are now reporting more anxiety over gen-x-ers and […]

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Treating the Gut in Mood Disorders: The Link between Anxiety, Depression and IBS

Dr. Leah Hassall, ND We have all experienced that feeling of a “pit” or “butterflies” in the stomach when we are scared, anxious or excited. Is this just imagined or are the brain and the stomach actually communicating? The idea of a connection between the brain and the gut where emotions and mood can trigger […]

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January 22, 2018

Your Mood and Vitamin D Testing

Dr. Lisa Polinsky, ND “We just passed Blue Monday  – January 15, 2018 – a title given as it’s the 3rd Monday in January and has been considered to be the saddest day in the year.  While not a fully scientific label it does generate conversation and can be a point of personal check-in each […]

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August 8, 2017

Passionflower for Anxiety Disturbed Sleep

Dr. Samantha Gray, ND RAc There are numerous underlying causes of insomnia however one of the more distressing is anxiety and worry. Getting caught in a round of anxiety-laden circular thinking can be devastating to a good night’s sleep. One of the best herbal remedies to address insomnia of this nature is Passionflower. Native to the […]

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February 28, 2017

Help for Anxiety and Depression

Elizabeth Stimson, ND Anxiety and Depressive symptoms plague many individuals on a daily basis. The cause can be multifactorial and it can affect the lives of all around the primary person involved. There may be a genetic predisposition to anxiety and/or depression and often there is a family history. Causes can vary, however, and the […]

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Kava For a Brighter Outlook

Dorian Holmes, ND A favoured herb for the treatment of anxiety and depression is known as Kava.  The Latin name for Kava is Piper methysticum, it is of the Piperaceae (or pepper) family. Kava a green broad-leaf dioecious shrub traditionally used herb for sacred rituals in cultures throughout the Pacific Islands and even in Hawaii. Some […]

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