Did You Know?

As a patient at Sage Clinic you (or family and friends) may be able to address many more of your (their) health concerns than you realized! Here are a few of the services we offer:


  • Cold or Flu? We can shorten the duration of any illness.
  • Family history of a disease you wish to avoid? ND’s can help you reset your physiology so that you are not sentenced to the same health concerns that your family members have struggled with.
  • Fertility issues? Naturopathic care can address and prevent fertility issues for men and women.
  • Struggling with your energy levels? Testing and treatment are both available.
  • Need a routine physical exam? We can do that for you!
  • Time for your annual blood work? We can order and interpret your labs.
  • Questions about nutrition? We have answers.
  • Traveling? ND’s can help you adjust to a new time zone, support your immune system on an airplane, and come up with ideas to keep you eating well and staying healthy during your travels.
  • Interested in what your hormones are up to? Testing and treatment are both available.
  • Pregnant and needing a bit of nutritional support? We know lots about pregnancy!
  • Pregnant and hoping to prepare your body for labor? We can help you prepare for the birth you desire.
  • Got Kids? We can help with all your nutritional questions, concerns about illness, fevers, etc.
  • Concerned about immunizing your child? Sage ND’s have lots of tools for supporting children through these injections to help them metabolize the ingredients and minimize adverse reactions.
  • Teenager with acne? We have plenty of solutions to help them feel and look better through adolescence.
  • Questions about drug-nutrient interactions? Let your ND help you get the most out of your health care regime.
  • Surgery? Our doctors have pre and post surgery protocols to help prepare you for a smooth procedure and a quick healing process. It really makes a difference!


If you are wondering about anything that is not on the list above, please ask us!


Lastly, people love to talk about the good things in their lives! We strive to be one of those “good things” for you, so please talk about us!  Our practices are largely based on the referrals of friends and family by our current patients. We appreciate any referrals you send our way.