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Voted Best Vancouver Naturopaths 2006 – 2013

For ten years our dedicated Vancouver Naturopaths have provided the highest quality naturopathic and acupuncture medical care for our community. People of all ages with a variety of health conditions have benefited from our expert knowledge of natural medicine.

We are a group of caring, knowledgeable and professional naturopathic doctors and acupuncturists offering many alternative treatment options for a transformative healing experience. As a group practice, our patients benefit from our confidential collaborative efforts in identifying patterns of imbalance, diagnosing illness and designing treatment plans. Since our naturopaths have different areas of focus and specialty, we often refer patients to each other to ensure that the best care is given for every individual we see.

Our in-house pharmacy of natural products has been carefully chosen by our doctors to ensure each product has the best standards of production; the highest quality of ingredients; and offers optimal healing results. To assist in diagnosis, our naturopaths also utilize alternative lab tests to identify the root cause of illness – a core tenet of naturopathic medicine.

Sage Clinic has grown and we now have a practice in Victoria with a team of four Naturopathic Doctors. We delight in bringing natural medicine to our Victoria community and we invite you to relax in our care within the urban oasis of our beautiful clinic spaces.

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