5 Tips to Help Make Your Work Day Less Stressful!

1) Get up and Move!   – Sitting has become the new smoking with a significant negative impact on health.  A suggestion of ‘walking meetings’ may work for small groups who can discuss issues or projects as they walk in the neighbourhood.  Everyone will feel better from sun and light exposure and moving their bodies.
2) Start the day with a great breakfast – too often people skip breakfast or rely on a high carbohydrate meal like toast or cereal and then are trying to ‘catch up nutritionally’ for the rest of the day.  Begin with a protein based breakfast full of good energy to help sustain and balance your blood sugar.  Smoothies, eggs, oatmeal with nuts or seeds are some good options.
3) Take a lunch break – it may sound basic but if you don’t allow time for a break, your body will have a hard time digesting your lunch time meal and studies show nutrient absorption can be reduced by 50% just because you are multitasking.  So give your Self some time to breath, and eat and ideally walk as opposed to giving ‘away’ your time to your work.
4) Harness iphone time, keep it contained – we know that with these types of devices people are working longer hours and having work spill over into much needed rest and replenish time.  It’s no fun to read something stressful right before bed so resist the  urge to look and save it for the daytime when you can respond appropriately.  Tempting…but we don’t recommend it!
5) Take some Vitamin C – studies show that stressful events like taking a math exam and public speaking result in less stress hormones produced when subjects take a good dose of Vitamin C – start with 2000 mg per day, at breakfast.
If you are like 1 in 4 Canadians who find that their work represents a Significant stress in their lives then speak to your naturopathic doctor to create a plan to help you feel on top of work, rather than the other way around.
Dr. Lisa Polinsky is a naturopathic doctor whose prior career was in Human Resources.  She loves helping people find more balance in their work and personal lives.