10 Tips To Prepare for Cleansing / Detoxification

  1. Cut out coffee, alcohol, junk and processed foods
  2. Increase vegetarian meals
  3. Decrease meat to 3X/week and eat free range poultry only
  4. Drink ½ organic lemon juiced in warm water first thing in the morning 20 minutes prior to breakfast to stimulate the liver
  5. Increase water intake to 1 oz per kg body weight and make it RO (Reverse Osmosis) filtered and alkaline, room temperature sipped throughout the day and not with food
  6. Get a colonic irrigation or a series if needed to cleanse out the colon of any blockages / thickenings along the lining that will impair elimination of toxins
  7. Start taking a fibre supplement  or use ground flaxseed / psyllium or a laxative tea to get the large intestine eliminating efficiently
  8. Come in for comprehensive stool analysis testing to determine level of yeast, parasites and bacteria that contribute to chronic illness
  9. Come in for liver function testing (enzymes) to determine liver (detoxification) efficiency
  10. Consult with your naturopath to find out which detoxification protocol would be best for you and your unique health picture